Treating Seasonal Allergies in Pregnancy

pregnant during allergy seasonSpring is in full bloom…time to stock up on tissues!

The sneezing, the stuffy, runny nose, the itchy watery eyes – ugh! As if pregnancy isn’t uncomfortable enough on its own, enjoying the outdoors and those beautiful blossoms comes at a price for many women. To make matters worse, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing are already common in pregnancy due to increased blood volume and decreased lung capacity (among other changes).

So where can you turn for some relief? Continue reading

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Memorial Day Holiday Notice

Boston Memorial Day, Boston CommonOn Monday, May 25th, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday except for those practices listed below, which are open for pre-scheduled urgent care appointments. If you feel you need medical advice or think that you may need to be seen, call your doctor’s office at any time, day or night. Your call will be directed to our 24/7 medical staff and triaged as needed. If it is determined that you need an urgent care appointment, the medical staff can schedule you for an appointment.

As always, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency access number.

Please note: Pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology will be open at the times listed below as well. Continue reading

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Does Everyone Need an Eye Exam?

eye examMany people believe that an eye exam only evaluates your eyesight, so if you recently passed the RMV’s vision test or another vision screening, you don’t need to see an eye doctor, right?

Nope. An eye exam is much more than checking your vision and prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Thorough eye exams are important for detecting vision problems and also for assessing your overall health. A thorough eye exam can detect a number of serious medical conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as common eye conditions such as cataracts. An eye exam can also show evidence of diabetes and other health issues. Continue reading

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The Top 6 Issues Women Bring to Their Doctor

woman at doctor's office.shutterstock_136759826At the recent bi-annual Women’s Health Forum hosted by the Mass Health Council, I was asked to review the top five health issues that women bring to me as their primary care physician. I couldn’t narrow it down to only five, so I came up with six – here they are! Continue reading

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Anxiety in Early Pregnancy: 5 Things to Know to Keep the Worry Away

expectant woman.shutterstock_111387113Congrats, you’re pregnant! Time to…panic?!

While I wish it wasn’t so, that’s a pretty typical reaction for many women to have in those first few weeks of pregnancy. Even if you were trying to conceive and are happy about your pregnancy, it is not uncommon for women to feel slightly panicked when they see those two blue lines. Many a pregnant woman has wondered: Did I make the right decision? What did I get myself into? Am I really ready for this?!

In addition, the experience of pregnancy before you look pregnant or feel baby’s movement can be a surreal and scary one. This time is especially nerve-wracking for women who have a history of pregnancy loss. Sure, you might feel nauseated and bloated, crampy and fatigued, but how do you really know everything is all right in there with that little bean? What may be even more frustrating and concerning is that some women don’t have many pregnancy symptoms at all. You just have to wait…which is so hard!!

Here are five things to consider that might bring you some peace of mind during this exciting but tense time: Continue reading

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