36 Physicians from Harvard Vanguard Named to Prestigious 2014 Best Doctors in America® List

2014 Best Doctors logoHarvard Vanguard Medical Associates is pleased to announce that 36 of our physicians appear on the Best Doctors in America® List for 2014.  Only five percent of doctors in America earn this prestigious honor, decided by impartial peer review. Continue reading

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Positive Parenting

positive parentingOver time, there has been a change in philosophy about how to raise children.  Many of the grandparents of today were, as children, raised in a very strict environment where “children should be seen but not heard.”  That philosophy gave way to an era of permissiveness, which often led to chaos in the household.  In recent years, there’s been an emphasis on building self-esteem.

But the reality is that we need a blend of all of these approaches to raise our children to be responsible, respectful, and to have high self-esteem.  I call this “positive parenting” Continue reading

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Patriot’s Day Holiday Hours Notice

boston strong ribbonOn Monday, April 21st, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates will be closed for the Patriot’s Day holiday except for those practices listed below, which are open for pre-scheduled urgent care appointments. If you feel you need medical advice or think that you may need to be seen, call your doctor’s office at any time, day or night. Your call will be directed to our 24/7 medical staff and triaged as needed. If it is determined that you need an urgent care appointment, the medical staff can schedule one for you.

As always, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency access number. Continue reading

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Health Food Impostors

true or false.shutterstock_129704294Have you noticed how many “health foods” there are in the grocery store lately?  It’s hard to ignore the advertising and all of the “expert claims” that promise to make you healthier, help your body to work better, and give you more energy.  With so many magic foods and beverages available to us, it’s a wonder we aren’t all super-human!  So should you jump on the bandwagon and believe all the hoopla, or are these products really health food impostors? Here are some common products that nutritionists see many people using, and how we feel about them. Continue reading

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Allergy tests:
When you need them and when you don’t

ChoosingWiselyAllergyTestsAAAAI-ER v2Skin or blood tests, when combined with a doctor’s examination and your medical history, can help determine if you’re truly allergic to something you inhaled, touched, or ate. But if you don’t have symptoms or a medical evaluation that points to an allergy, you should think twice about testing. Here’s why: Continue reading

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Congratulations to Harvard Vanguard Staff
Recognized at Annual Award Ceremony

Several members of the Harvard Vanguard family were recently honored at our annual ceremony, which recognizes staff who have made contributions in areas such as teaching and clinical innovation and have become role models for other staff. Congratulations to all of the award winners recognized for their 2013 contributions. Continue reading

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Expanded Weekend Lab Hours at Peabody/Lynnfield

PeabodyOur Peabody/Lynnfield practice is pleased to announce that beginning Saturday, April 5th, the on-site laboratory will be open an hour earlier than its current schedule for Saturday, Sunday, and holiday urgent care days.  The lab’s new hours will be 9:00am until 2:00pm on weekends and holidays, the same hours of operations as the one-site pharmacy at the practice.  As a reminder, the lab at Peabody/Lynnfield is also open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am until 7:00pm, and Fridays from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

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National Walking Day is…Today!

walking shoesThese days, adults are spending more time at work than ever before – Americans work 164 more hours a year than 20 years ago – and sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950.  As a nation, we’re becoming less active, a big problem when you consider that physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease!

But take heart!  Today, Wednesday, April 2nd, is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, a day when Americans are encouraged to take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. Continue reading

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Light it up Blue for Autism Awareness on April 2nd!

Autism light-it-up-blue

April 2, 2014 is going to be the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day. For the past several years, autism organizations and people around the world have come together on this day to raise both money and awareness about this disorder. Autism Speaks, a national organization which seeks to help promote awareness, research, and services for people with autism and their families, have initiated a “Light it up Blue” Campaign in honor of this day. People are encouraged to display blue lights in their homes, places of work, office buildings, stores, etc. to help promote awareness around the world about autism. Continue reading

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SMArt Portions for Kids

At this month’s SMArt Kids SMA, we learned how important portions are and how to keep portions appropriate for kids’ ages and nutritional needs. This is not an easy task at home or when eating out, but the answer – literally! – is right at your child’s fingertips! Continue reading

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