Harvard Vanguard Orthopedic Surgeons
at New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center in Dedham

There are many factors to consider when you are deciding on surgery, and the question of “Where should I have my surgery?” is a big one.

For orthopedic surgery, we are fortunate in Boston to have New England Baptist Hospital, which has been nationally ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country. Now the same great care found in Boston is closer to home. Harvard Vanguard is pleased to let you know that our orthopedics and sports medicine physicians, along with physicians from our Atrius Health affiliate Dedham Medical Associates, are now performing surgeries at the New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center in Dedham.

NEBH Dedham Surgi Center

The New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center is a state-of-the-art center that offers ambulatory surgery, pain management and on-site imaging, provided by Shields Health Care Group.

Meet the Harvard Vanguard doctors performing surgeries at the New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center.

Harvard Vanguard Orthopedic Surgeons
Bley Clinicial Interests

  • Sports Medicine
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder and ankle
Louis Bley, MD
Chapman_Andrew_web_RS Clinical Interests

  • Sports Medicine
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee
Andrew Chapman, MD
Dolan_Martin_web_RS_061509 Clinical Interests

  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment of disorders of the hand, wrist, and elbow
  • Treatment of injuries of the hand in athletes and musicians
Martin Dolan, MD
P Clinical Interests

  • Adult foot and ankle surgery
  • Surgery for bunions, hammer-toes and other deformities of the fore foot
Hyman Glick, MD
Mithoefer_Kai_web Clinical Interests

  • Sports Medicine
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Articular cartilage repair
  • Arthroscopy of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle
Kai Mithoefer, MD
Winnick_David_highres_RS Clinical Interests

  • General orthopedics
  • Foot and ankle problems
David Winnick, MD

By partnering with New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center, we hope to make it easier for our patients to be healthy by offering them the same world-class care they would expect to find in Boston in a convenient, suburban location. To learn more about New England Baptist Hospital, visit www.nebh.org. To learn more about Harvard Vanguard’s orthopedics and sports medicine program, please visit the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine section on harvardvanguard.org.


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4 Responses to Harvard Vanguard Orthopedic Surgeons
at New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center in Dedham

  1. avatar Ronald Moloney says:

    Why is Dr. Jeffry Zaren not listed?

    • avatar Harvard Vanguard says:

      Hi, Mr. Moloney. We only listed our orthopedic and hand surgeons who are seeing patients at NEBH’s DEDHAM location, in addition to NEBH’s Boston location. Dr. Zarin sees patients only in Boston, which is why he was not listed in this post.

  2. avatar Joel Steiner says:

    It sounds like all patients will have to travel to Dedham for outpatient surgery … is that correct?
    Or is the NEBH outpatient facility still available for your patients?

    • avatar Harvard Vanguard says:

      Good question, Mr. Steiner, and absolutely not. Dedham is just another option for patients if it is more convenient, but our surgeons will continue to provide services at NEBH Boston as well.

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