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About Dr. David Agoada

Dr. David Agoada has been a podiatrist at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates since 1983, and practices at our Kenmore and Watertown locations. The major motivation for his work over the years has been the elimination of non-traumatic limb loss in diabetic and high-risk patients through patient education and proper medical care. Dr. Agoada has a long-time interest in the forensic sciences and has master’s degrees in both forensic medicine and forensic anthropology. His areas of interest include the human foot in forensic identification, and the relationship between the structure of the foot and foot function and pathology.

How to Choose Athletic Shoes

The modern athletic shoe is a far cry from the canvas Keds and Converse high top sneakers that your parents and grandparents may have grown up with.  Today there is a wide range of athletic shoes, specific for each sport, … Continue reading

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The Shoes of Summer

When you think about it, shoes serve any, if not all, of these three purposes: They help protect the skin of the foot from trauma. They support the foot so that it functions better with less discomfort while also reducing … Continue reading

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